With the ultimate technology we recreate native advertising scenarios.
Under rich forms of display, Zhiruyi is suitable for various kinds of advertising materials.
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  • Direct URL By clicking on the hotspot in the ads, you may jump to the target page straightway. Your product could have a close approach to your audience!
  • Prompt Window Do you want your audience to learn more about your product? You can present all the features in the overlaying prompt window with graphic and text!
  • Advertising Box Products placed in the video can be automatically shown in the advertising box. Users may click the corresponding icon in the box to view product details, and then visit a certain webpage to complete purchasing.
  • Marketing Assistant Set up an area within the content page for user interactions like attending a survey, voting for a topic, lotteries, games, or handing out/receiving red packet money etc. to achieve an outstanding marketing effect.
For still image, we embed it as advertising into the video like putting up a poster.
For a physical item, we can embed the three-dimensional model of the product into the scenario.
Video clips could also be skillfully embedded into the video player.
In a form of customized and interesting font types, we could make organic connections between the brand and the video content.
Brand logo could be created and attached on any suitable objects in the video flexibly.
For projects under complicated situations, we also offer special customizations, to satisfy those high-end marketing demands.