A comprehensive innovation which would release unlimited potential of video interactions.
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  • Direct URL By clicking on the hotspot in the ads, you may jump to the target page straightway.
  • Prompt Window Present all features of the products in the overlaying prompt window with graphic and text!
  • Advertising Box Products placed in the video can be automatically shown in the advertising box. Users may click the corresponding icon in the box to visit a certain webpage to complete purchasing.
  • Marketing Assistant Enable user interactions like attending a survey, voting for a topic, lotteries, games, or handing out/receiving red packet money etc. to achieve an outstanding marketing effect.
Visual Element Tagging Smart tagging on visual elements, we expand information to an infinite level. Learn More
Visual Element Identifying Dynamic facial recognition, innovative video encyclopedia. Learn More
Visual Element Tracking With precise tracking on visual elements, we help users manage particular information. Learn More
Video Audio Integration Operation Cross-screen interactions for fun, real-time participation possibilities come true. Watch Demo
Live Broadcasting Augmented Functions An integration on multi-party interaction. Additional value could be achieved in the live streaming process, which generates profit for each industrial partner. Watch Demo