Marketing opportunity “Run For Time”has drawn lots of attention due to its popularity among entertainment industry and the joint force with a golden production team. The stars would shed their masks and pretenses, reveal their true selves, which echoes to the brand concept“Good Taste, Additive Free”. Since then, Mengniu Chunzhen has created a new way to sponsor entertaining program.
Marketing opportunity After three seasons’success on the ratings, “I am a Singer” has already become a synonym for music feast. Kans therefore took the advantage of the program, a top level IP to widely spread their brand concept. Because Kans had a similar market positioning with Mango TV, targeting young and fashion group, their brand concept was better understood and welcomed on Mango TV.
Marketing opportunity One month after the magical realism idol drama “The Crossing Hero”was put up online, the topic #The Crossing Hero# had exceeded 70 million on social media, ranked the top on leaderboard time and again. Sanyuan milk followed the big hit, embedded their brand image into the series with the technology powered by Moviebook, which had broken the limitations of traditional video content production.